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消費者為什麼喜歡看會說故事的廣告呢? Why has storytelling commercials become so popular?

現今資訊泛濫的世代你每天會看到多少廣告? 著名的市場研究 - 揚克洛維奇公司發現住在城市的人平均每天最少會接觸5000個廣告 ! 難怪一般的公司在市場推廣時總會遇上 [廣告石沉大海]的問題 那麼如何能讓自家的品牌像蘋果或是耐克般將其品牌深入民心? In this day and age of technological advancement and information overload, have you ever wondered how many ads you see in a day? Yankelovich, a market research firm, conducted a research to find that an average person who lives in the city is estimated to see a booming minimum of 5000 ads a day! It is no wonder, marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out as their new ads exit their door into a never-ending sea of other ads… So how do brands like Apple or Nike manage to make their way to the top when it comes to embedding their brand into our everyday life?

多年前我去英國旅居時, 我留意到一個很有趣的現象 : [消費者為了一個新推出的廣告而雀躍輕奮] 當他們聊天時除了談論電影、電子遊戲外, 還會把話題帶到日常看到的廣告上 :猜猜看這次品牌會推出怎樣的廣告呢?」「 去年的廣告真棒!」「 我很期望看到他們最新的廣告!最佳的例子就是約翰路易斯百貨公司的聖誕廣告 I was first approached by the phenomenon of people being excited about the release of a particular commercial many years ago during my time in the UK. “I wonder what they’re going to do this time.” “Last year’s ad was fantastic” “I can’t wait” was just a few of the many conversations I’ve overheard about this upcoming commercial. People chattered about it as if they were looking forward to the release of a new movie or a game. This anticipated commercial that everyone spoke of was the John Lewis Christmas commercial.

自那夜起我在家觀看此百貨公司的聖誕廣告我以為會看到在約翰路易斯百貨公司可以買什麼但反而我被廣告中小男孩聖誕故事廣告深深吸引著一星期後我發現我亦到了這間百貨公司為家人購買了聖誕禮物 自此以後追看這公司的聖誕廣告也成為我的傳統聖誕節目之一

That very night, I went home searching for this Christmas commercial expecting to find a stylish commercial about what you can buy at John Lewis… instead I was gifted with a beautiful heartwarming story about a boy’s perspective of what Christmas means to him. One week later, I found myself at a very festive check-out counter at John Lewis purchasing Christmas presents for my family. Ever since watching my first John Lewis Christmas commercial, it has become a tradition for me to look out for every John Lewis Christmas commercial from that year on.

(約翰路易斯百貨公司的聖誕廣告 John Lewis Christmas Commercial, #EltonJohnLewis, 2018)

除了約翰路易斯百貨公司的美妙聖誕故事廣告外馬莎百貨公司的聖誕廣告故事內容和電影創作效果也令人非常欣賞 其中 一個關於高斯太太一個人送聖誕禮物的故事亦很令人難忘 英國漫長的冬日裹我常常留在家中看電視 當觀賞一齣又一齣的故事式的廣告時我就像參加著一個微電影節 每一部廣告短片都展現了每間公司獨特的主題和理念 令人 感到奇妙的是這些聖誕故事廣告將聖誕節日氣氛悄悄地帶到英國來 這些公司創作的故事式廣告亦提昇了觀眾的想像力和改變了他們對生活的看法

John Lewis was not the only brand creating gorgeous story commercials during Christmas, Marks & Spencer was also another memorable contender for creating cinematic story commercials - one featuring Mrs. Claus on a personal mission to help deliver a present. During those UK winters, I was glued to the television, watching commercial after commercial as if I were attending a short film festival. Each short film commercial exhibited unique themes and beliefs each company has to offer. It was fantastic. It was as if these Christmas story commercials had brought the Christmas spirit early on in the UK. These brands were able to create memorable commercials that enhance imagination and bring meaning to everyday life.


M&S Christmas with love from Mrs Claus Commercial, 2016)

當我們進入了數碼化年代, 故事式廣告亦隨步上升 媒體社交平台提供了相對便宜的廣告媒體商業廣告再不侷限在30秒的電視箱裏 廣告商現在可以有較大的自由度創作更完善和掀動人心的故事廣告

It is no coincidence that story base commercials began to rise as we enter into the digital age. With the help of social media platforms providing cheaper alternatives for ad placements, commercials are no longer restricted to 30-second ad slots on TV. Advertisers are now given a new-found creative freedom to create longer and more emotionally-engaging commercials. Story commercials fitted this new-found creative advantage perfectly.

過去一年來蘋果公司已經發放了一系列由好萊塢導演用iPhone 手機 “Shot on iPhone”功能拍攝 的 5至7分鐘商業短片 – 包括 西奧多 · 梅爾菲的《NASA無名英雄》大衛 · 雷奇的《死侍2》 和 達米恩 · 查澤雷的《樂在越愛你》 這些短片並沒有特別著明提到由iPhone拍攝或製作但卻仍能聰明巧妙地展示iPhone 手機是拍攝故事短片的好幫手

During the past year, Apple had started releasing a string of “Shot on iPhone” commercials that features 5-7 minute short films directed by Hollywood directors such as Hidden Figure’s Theodore Melfi, Deadpool 2’s David Leitch and La La Land’s Damien Chazelle. These stories never featured the iPhone nor mentioned it, instead, it cleverly demonstrates how the iPhone serves as a powerful tool to help you tell compelling stories.

當我們欣賞著 “Shot on iPhone”短片時不時便會想起史蒂夫·喬布斯在1997《不同凡想 · 致瘋狂的人》的蘋果廣告 直到現在, 蘋果iPhone仍然是一件必備的工具, 服務著他的《瘋狂》用家 蘋果的廣告不是著重機械的技術, 而是了情感因素成功維繫了一羣忠實的《蘋果粉絲》而蘋果亦成為世界最著名的品牌

As we watch through the “Shot on iPhone” films, we can’t help but to remember Steve Job’s 1997 “Think Different” Campaign as Apple continues his legacy to “make tools” for the “crazy ones”. By having commercials that focus on emotionally engaging with users instead of the technicality of their machines, it has helped build a loyal fan base for Apple, allowing Apple to become one of the most celebrated brands in the world.

(蘋果iPhone11短片 - 大衛 · 雷奇,

Apple, Shot on iPhone 11 Pro, Snow Brawl, Directed by David Leitch, 2019)

故事式的廣告除了在商業上發揮了重要性外亦影響到其他短片製作模式例如航空安全示範短片 最近數年新西蘭航空攝製的故事式航空安全示範短片亦極為吸引 其中一齣關於小女孩帶她的朋友 – 一隻不會飛的巨水雞 回到鳥獸保護區的故事 短片內容將飛行安全規則和知識, 生動有趣地表現出來 另外短片亦展示了新西蘭的文化大自然和野生動物 透過動人的故事和活潑的表達方式原本 枯燥平淡的指導短片變成了乘客津津樂道的美麗飛行故事

Not only has storytelling videos dominated commercials, but it has also now weaved its way into Air Safety videos. In recent years, Air New Zealand had become one of the more notable airlines that had created outstanding storytelling air safety videos. Their latest air safety video features a visually stunning story about a little girl embarking on a new journey to help her new friend, a native takahē bird who can’t fly, to a sanctuary where he will be safe and protected. With the safety instructions embedded into the storyline, the video also cleverly showcases the beauty of New Zealand’s culture, nature and wildlife. Through storytelling, the air safety video managed to enhance our emotional connection and perspective for New Zealand. The air safety video also subtly illustrates that Air New Zealand cares about conserving wildlife and nature. The once dull instructional video that everyone wanted to skip had now become a video that everyone wanted to share as soon as they got off the plane.

(新西蘭航空 - 航空安全示範短片,

AirNZ Safety Video - A Journey to Safety, 2020)

講故事是一種普世的語言它可以展示你公司品牌的信念和價值 由活躍感人

的泰國故事廣告到紀錄片式寫實商業廣告乃至好玩的基斯垣奴 · 朗拿度與球迷交換身分的耐克運動廣告 – 重點是一部完美的故事廣告會是永恆的

Stories speak in a universal language, it can demonstrate your brand’s beliefs and values. From viral Thai story commercials to documentary story commercials to playful story concepts of Cristiano Ronaldo’s “The Switch Nike Commercial” - one thing that stays true is when done well, these story commercials become timeless.

(耐克廣告, Nike Football, The Switch a Spark Brilliance Production, 2016)

面對世界日漸高漲的社會環境和人權問題消費者意識 到他們的消費模式會對世界有正直接影響力 精明的消費者會考慮選擇配合個人信念的商品品牌 故此不論是百威啤酒的小狗等待主人回家的反醉駕廣告或是高斯太太幫助小男孩送禮物給他姐姐的故事 – 這些故事式的廣告都會是一個有效的工具幫助展示你公司的理念價值觀和社會責任

With the rise of social, environmental and human rights issues happening across the globe, consumers are now growing more and more conscious of the fact that their buying decisions can ultimately impact the world. Conscious consumers are beginning to look beyond commercials that focus solely on selling the product when choosing which brands to support. Whether it be a Budweiser’s anti-drink driving story commercial about a dog waiting for his owner to come home or Mrs. Claus helping a little boy deliver a present to his sister - story commercials prove to serve as a powerful tool to demonstrate your company’s mission, value and social responsibility.


Someone Waits For You At Home, DON'T DRINK & DRIVE, Budweiser 2014)

我們不是否定傳統的商業廣告它們仍然是塑造品牌形象和身份的極佳媒介 – 但是當品牌要與時並進加添一個故事式的廣告可以帶領品牌商品更靠近消費者的高層次要求

We’re not saying that stylish commercials don’t work, they still do, they are a great way to help shape your brand's image and identity - but once in a while, bringing a story in that doesn’t spell out a product can refine how consumers perceive a brand.


Unsung Hero, Thai Life Insurance, 2014)

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