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終極媒體片的長闊比指南 The Ultimate Social Media Video Dimensions and Aspect Ratios Cheat Sheet

We understand that sometimes your video needs to be cropped into certain aspect ratios to perform the best engagement you can get on different social media platforms. From widescreens to squares to portrait videos - here are the recommended dimensions you should put in when setting your video project timeline on your editing program when cropping your video. If you’re bad at remembering numbers, save/ bookmark this blog for your future reference!

Square 1:1

Vertical 4:5

Full Landscape 16:9 (Standard camera footage)

Facebook/ Instagram Story 9:16

Instagram Landscape 5:4

Facebook Vertical 2:3

Bonus! For those who are looking for more specific aspect ratio framings for their videos, Vashivisuals provided this amazing blog where he gives out a variety of free downloads of high resolution aspect ratio templates for you to put over your videos. For this option, we highly recommend that this is pre-planned when filming your shot to avoid awkward framing and cropping.

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