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[WATCH] 我們最新的微電影 SCENE 852 STORIES (a short film)

Presenting our latest short film [SCENE 852 STORIES] // 我們最新的微電影

Take a look at our latest short film as we wander into the different narratives within this unique city through the imagination of our narrator.


This film was created with the initiative to explore more stories within the concrete jungle of Hong Kong. How you choose to interpret each character in this film and where their story leads is entirely up to you.

As an independent video production house, we hope we can bring you more story-based short films based in this city that can allow you to expand imagination and wonder. We hope you enjoy this short. Thank you for your support!

Finally, a huge thanks to all those who were involved in this film and helped provide support! To all the actors - thank you so much for your wonderful performances, it makes us happy to find like-minded people who also share the same vision and passion for art, films and storytelling.




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