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Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Episode 1 Trailer

We are very excited to join DEFY on this adventure and we can’t wait to unfold more the stories within the world of DEFY!

A little about DEFY’s Game World:

DEFY is a new awesome move-to-earn AR game based on a near future dystopian world, where an evil corporation, Future Systems, has amassed power that a dictator could only dream of. Privacy and individuality are relics of a bygone era. We are reliant on Future Systems to provide the necessities of life that governments used to control - health, education and money. Future Systems has a mole (Kha0s), an inside man who wants to bring the whole system down from within. Using a hacked version of the Future Systems mobile client, crafted by Kha0s, operatives can utilise backdoors in the Future Systems network to bring them down. WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE:

Search Defydisrupt on Twitter or YouTube to watch Episode 1! Find out more about the game through

Huge shout on to our client, cast and crew for making this such a special shoot. Cast: Kristian Dodds as Aaron, David Hoe (aka Indome) as Logan, Victoria Duthie as Ada To keep up to date with more content from Scene 852, follow us on facebook and instagram!


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