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Case Study




Create a video promoting theDesk’s co-working space.

Creative Direction

Built upon theDesk's community-focused philosophy, our interviews revolved around the theme of community, highlighting how this co-working space transcends its physical boundaries. Our aim was to illustrate that theDesk isn't merely a workspace, but a collaborative ecosystem that enriches businesses through interconnected networks. By mirroring theDesk's ethos of promoting a vibrant and joyful work atmosphere, we employed brighter, cleaner visuals that harmonised seamlessly with their branding. To amplify this energetic ambiance, we infused the video with upbeat funk music, dispelling the notion of conventional, mundane office environments. Utilising an approach that infused interviews with light-heartedness, we captured authentic smiles from our subjects, creating a positive narrative that resonates perfectly with their brand identity.


theDesk's spacious interiors, featuring expansive windows and pristine white walls, foster an environment for innovative ideas. However, these attributes also pose filming challenges. Abundant windows and white walls lead to overexposure and backlight issues, requiring substantial lighting to balance exposure. White walls can cause color temperature disparities and visual monotony. Our team scouted various theDesk venues for depth and architectural features, creating dynamic backdrops that add contrast and depth. Strategic light placement countered strong sunlight near subjects, not always visible in footage. Despite challenges, we achieved a polished, visually engaging final product.

Final Result

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