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Spartan Race



Case Study


In this event documentation film, ensure that the theme for the Spartan Race is prominently highlighted as "Transformation." Throughout the documentation, focus on exploring this theme to vividly depict the true essence of embodying the Spartan spirit.

Creative Direction

Within the realm of creative direction, our focus remained steadfast on upholding Spartan's distinct brand while embodying the Spartan spirit through music and editing choices. Our interview questions were based on pre and post-race mentality, emphasizing transformation and the role of Spartans in reshaping mental perspectives. Authenticity was key; we ensured moments of struggle were authentically captured during the course.


Adopting a colour scheme inspired by the event's rugged nature, we embraced earthy tones and post-production enhancements to reflect its raw essence. Our shot list was carefully curated, encompassing teamwork, emotions, struggles, and triumphs. Our creative directive steered us towards crafting an emotive narrative—a journey that mirrors the transformation into a Spartan. This approach condensed the theme into a resonant and impactful storytelling experience.

Not only is this film intended for participants seeking to relive the moment, but through the narrative of transformation, we also fostered unity and crafted rewarding experiences. This, in turn, through a storytelling approach, encourages those who aspire to challenge themselves and embark on a journey of self-discovery to consider participating in the next Spartan Race.


Amidst challenges, we embraced long hours and early starts at 5 am, while tackling tough filming conditions with mud, sun, and insects. Care packs eased discomfort with essentials. Navigating the expansive new Spartan Race course demanded strategic planning, supported by event sponsor GoGoVan. Cameramen rotated efficiently, adhering to schedules for seamless transitions, while the interview team gathered narratives at the core. Our combined efforts culminated in a successful final film, vividly capturing the transformative essence of the Spartan Race.

Final Result

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