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Spartan Race

Case Study




Produce Thailand’s Spartan Race aftermovie, ensuring its release within 3 days following the event.

Creative Direction

At the request of our client for the Thailand Spartan Race, we adopted a livelier tone for this aftermovie, which led us to select more cheerful music to complement the overall vibe. In crafting the interviews, our emphasis was directed toward highlighting the strong sense of community spirit that Spartan fosters, showcasing how the event serves as a unifying force. Our approach leaned heavily into capturing the positive attitudes prevalent within the Spartan Community, aligning with our client's desire for an upbeat portrayal.


During the production, we conducted some interviews in Thai, which presented a language challenge as our editor was not proficient in Thai. To overcome this, we collaborated closely with our Thai film crew and the client to facilitate translation and ensure the coherence of interview soundbites. Utilising transcripts provided by the client, we meticulously edited the segments featuring Thai interviews. Given the urgency of the video's release deadline, this translation process did marginally extend our usual editing timeframe. Thankfully, our Thai film crew and client in Thailand were exceptionally prompt and communicative in handling translations, guiding our editing process effectively. Their responsiveness was instrumental in ensuring a smooth workflow and timely completion of the project.

Final Result

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