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Spartan Race


Case Study


Create a commercial to announce Spartan Race is coming to Hong Kong.

Creative Direction

Our creative direction involved instilling an aura of mystery, setting the stage with an office worker receiving an enigmatic Spartan package. This package contains a cryptic destination that serves as the mark of Spartan Race's arrival in Hong Kong. By featuring an office worker, we aimed to convey that Spartan Race is open to all, inviting individuals seeking self-challenge and personal growth. As our protagonist ventures into the city dressed for Spartan training, she creatively transforms Hong Kong's urban environment into a makeshift obstacle course. Gradually, she is joined by other participants throughout the city, uniting towards a common destination and forming a cohesive team of four.


To effectively illustrate the essence of Spartan Race, we seamlessly integrated event footage provided by the client, showcasing actual Spartan Race obstacles from the US event. Through skilful intercutting, we juxtaposed these challenges with our characters navigating analogous obstacles using their urban surroundings. This contrast highlighted the rigorous journey to becoming a Spartan, reinforcing the significance of pre-event training.


The culmination of the narrative takes the quartet to a mist-covered mountain, where they raise the Spartan Race flag, symbolising the official arrival of Spartan Race in Hong Kong.


Despite encountering heavy tropical rain on one of our filming days, we made a deliberate choice to wholeheartedly embrace the rain and integrate its challenges into the Spartan narrative. Even as the final scene's intended panoramic view of Hong Kong was obscured by mist due to the weather, this unexpected twist added a remarkable layer of drama to the conclusion. In fact, the mist lent an intensified visual impact, accentuating the Spartan branding and reinforcing the rugged spirit that defines the Spartan ethos.

Final Result

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