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Spartan Race
Hong Kong

Case Study




Create an aftermovie for the first Hong Kong Spartan Race.

Creative Direction

In our pursuit of creative direction, we remained resolute in upholding Spartan's unique brand identity while infusing the essence of the Spartan spirit into our music and editing choices. This marked our inaugural Spartan Race event aftermovie, prompting us to explore the distinctive style and branding of Spartan Race aftermovies, which we seamlessly incorporated. Our interview approach was tailored to elicit motivational insights and capture participants' holistic Spartan Race experiences that transcend the ordinary. The event is more than a mere sporting event; it's a path to self-development, emphasising collaboration, team-building, and personal growth.

Drawing inspiration from the event's rugged nature, we adopted an earthy colour palette and employed post-production enhancements to mirror its raw authenticity. Meticulously curating our shot list, we encompassed themes of teamwork, emotions, challenges, and victories. Guided by our creative directive, we shaped an emotive narrative that mirrors the transformative journey of becoming a Spartan. This storytelling approach condensed the essence of this journey into a powerful and resonant cinematic experience.

While the film primarily serves as a means for participants to relive their moments, it also transcends this role by fostering a sense of unity and cultivating rewarding connections. Through our narrative, we encourage viewers to envision themselves undertaking challenges, embarking on personal growth, and considering participation in the next Spartan Race. This multifaceted approach not only enriches the experiences of participants but also inspires others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Amidst challenges, we embraced long hours and early starts at 5 am, while tackling tough filming conditions with mud, sun, and insects. Care packs eased discomfort with essentials. Fortunately, the course layout played to our advantage, proving to be remarkably straightforward for the crew. The presence of multiple accessible shortcut points allowed us to efficiently capture footage while minimising the distance covered.

Final Result

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