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Spartan Race



Case Study


Document the Elite Spartan athletes in completing one of the races from the APAC Championship series. Create a teaser surrounding this series building anticipation for the finale.

Creative Direction

Given the intense nature of the APAC Championship, targeting elite Spartan racers, we shifted our focus towards crafting a video that captures the essence of competition.


Through insightful interviews with our top-tier racers discussing strategies and rivals, the video immerses viewers in the unfolding events, providing a dynamic sense of witnessing the series as it unfolds before our eyes.


The primary challenge we faced was the need to capture a group of highly athletic and swift athletes participating in a single race. Our camera team had a crucial task: capturing the top three winners of the race, who moved swiftly through each section of the course. With five camera crews stationed strategically throughout the course, along with shortcut areas for efficient movement, we aimed to ensure comprehensive coverage.


However, given the rapid pace of the elite racers, the footage we could gather from this event was notably shorter compared to a full day of filming involving non-competitive Spartan racers. We were well aware of this scenario prior to the race, prompting our producer to develop meticulous plans outlining each crew's movements within the course.


Before the race, we also engaged in discussions with the client to gather their insights regarding which Spartan athletes frequently secure top 5 positions, allowing our crew to take note on which participants to focus on at the start line.These plans provided explicit instructions on which moments and individuals to capture as the elite racers sped by.

Final Result

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