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Case Study




Create a film that captures the magic of Sónar - designed to drive awareness, increase understanding and create audience desire. A full experience story that captures all the great reasons to attend Sónar - packed full of genuine motivational emotion.

Creative Direction

Given Sónar's esteemed reputation within the music and technology industries, our primary focus was aligning with the festival's distinctive branding. Unlike many other music festivals, Sónar embodies a blend of music, innovation, and technological advancement, reflecting in its clean and refined branding. Thus, we meticulously crafted our shots, prioritising cleanliness and precision—employing tripod setups that effectively showcased the intricate lighting technology and elevated standard of electronic music. Our client also introduced an intriguing format for our aftermovie, dividing it into two distinct parts. The first segment, labeled as "+D," delves into the technological facets of Sónar, while the second part showcases the vibrant music festival experience that defines Sónar. Our aim was to present this beloved genre with a professional and polished touch.


Sónar is a joy for our team to film due to its versatile indoor and outdoor venues, offering weather-proof options. This setting allows us to capture stable tripod shots while immersing ourselves in the music. While challenges like longer hours are typical for such events, the client-provided air-conditioned media room enables effective rest breaks. To navigate crowds safely and protect our equipment, we allocated assistants to crew members with heavier camera gear.

Final Result

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