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Case Study


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Craft an impactful marketing campaign to introduce SCENE 852's exciting initiative: the launch of "SCENE 852 Stories," a new branch dedicated to producing captivating narrative films.

Creative Direction

Within the vibrant tapestry of Hong Kong, a city that thrives with 7.2 million lives, the essence of our “Scene 852 Stories” campaign beckons. This concept envisions a canvas where our audience is invited to conjure an array of stories and characters, both woven from imagination and reality, within the embrace of this urban haven.


Our intent is to offer fleeting glimpses into diverse narratives and personas, leaving room for interpretation by our discerning audience. A departure from the ordinary, we seek to present Hong Kong through an innovative cinematic lens, illuminating uncharted stylistic territory that is uniquely its own. By showcasing these vignettes of unfamiliar and exotic lives, we endeavour to broaden the horizons of familiarity, while pushing the boundaries of cinematic expression.

Embedded within our campaign is the notion that each corner, street, and threshold of this city conceals a narrative waiting to be unearthed within this intricate urban labyrinth. Our objective isn't solely to unravel these characters; we also aim to unveil the intrinsic characteristics of the city itself, capturing its very essence through its aesthetics. This venture offers a new vantage point for the city, extending a fresh perspective, or perhaps even serving as a gentle reminder of the multifaceted nature of this dynamic metropolis.


At the heart of our concept was the journey through an urban maze, unveiling a myriad of stories inherent to Hong Kong. Yet, this concept had its costs. Shooting diverse scenes across the city demanded time and resources, leading to a prolonged campaign timeline. As we meticulously readied campaign materials for months of SCENE 852 Stories' launch, we encountered the challenge of uniting these narratives within the labyrinthine backdrop.


A pivotal breakthrough occurred when we recognised the need for a unifying element: the storyteller. Inserting this character late in the process transformed the narrative. As the storyteller explored the maze, imagining and breathing life into the stories, the film gained cohesion, seamlessly stringing together its captivating tales.

Final Result

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