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Samsung Galaxy
Watch4 Campaign


Case Study

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Create professionally filmed IG reels for influencers and celebrities to share as part of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 social media campaign launch. The videos will showcase how the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 enhances their daily lives, featuring Alfred Hui, Chloe So, and Dickson Yu.

Creative Direction

Considering the client's brief and tight schedule, we strategically crafted scenarios that seamlessly integrated our watch with our celebrities and influencers' personas:


  • Alfred, the celebrity and singer, showcased his bustling lifestyle against the Hong Kong skyline, emphasising his energetic morning routine and workout regimen.

  • Chloe So, the influencer promoting a healthy lifestyle, demonstrated her vitality with serene yoga sessions and morning smoothie-making in a pastel setting.

  • Dickson Yu, known for acting and competitive swimming, pushed his limits in a neon-lit CrossFit gym, with the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 monitoring his heart activity.

Our narratives not only showcased the watch but also enhanced the personalities and aspirations of our stars, creating engaging visual stories.


To meet the requirements of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 social media campaign launch, we orchestrated the creation of professionally filmed IG reels featuring renowned influencers and celebrities. A key aspect was filming our camera vertically to fit the 1080 x 1920 aspect ratio for IG reels, requiring innovative solutions such as renting specialised plates capable of diagonally rigging the camera on stabilisers and tripods. In addressing the time constraints, we formulated a precise strategy that enabled the production of three high-quality videos from concept to launch within a tight two-week timeframe, guaranteeing synchronisation with the product's launch. To capture diverse scenarios, we coordinated three separate shoots over the course of two days, transitioning between locations.


Each challenge was met with meticulous planning and resourceful solutions, culminating in captivating reels that effectively showcased how the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 enhances the lifestyle.


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