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Music Run



Case Study


Produce the Music Run Singapore aftermovie, ensuring its release within 48 hours following the event.

Creative Direction

To begin, we have to look into Music Run's unique branding – a run that transforms into a vibrant music festival under the night sky. The festival is a bubbling cauldron of exhilarating energy, and it was essential to reflect this in our aftermovie. Incorporating electronic music was a given, as it captured the festival's essence accurately. To convey the event's grandeur, we utilized drone footage at the starting line, capturing the expansive scale of the experience.


Our opening sequence aimed to encapsulate the event's dynamism, featuring quick edits that provide a whirlwind overview before transitioning to a serene scene of Sentosa in the day. This transition was made seamless using a drone shot, introducing the event as participants arrived. From this point, our aftermovie evolved from capturing the race's momentum to embracing the evening's party atmosphere. Our finale involved a drone shot capturing the event's stage from a distance, as participants enter in the night's festivities.


For all Music Run videos, the aftermovie must be released within 48 hours of the event to capture the fresh memories and keep the engagement high among participants. As this was an overseas shoot, our team had a tight schedule, staying in Singapore for just one night and departing the following day to expedite the editing process. We allocated these two days exclusively for editing, maintaining open communication between the client and editor to facilitate swift revisions. Despite the tight timeframe, we successfully met the deadline, ensuring the aftermovie was promptly released right after the event.

Final Result

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