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Mox Bank
"Twins Kitchen"

Case Study


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Our central objective is to portray Caleb and Josh as living embodiments of the "the curators" concept, harmonizing with Mox Bank app's functionality that aids businesses in this pursuit. This association will be seamlessly woven into their daily routine. Every Gen Mox feature encompasses personal interviews with prominent figures, capturing their essence and moulding the videos to align with their unique identities.

Creative Direction

Our primary aim is to present the twins (Caleb & Josh) as the embodiment of the “the curators" concept, which aligns with Mox Bank app's features to help businesses do just this. This connection will be seamlessly integrated into their daily routine. Each Gen Mox feature involves personal interviews with notable individuals to capture their essence, shaping their videos accordingly.


Crafted with a vibrant creative direction in mind, these videos embrace a poppy and energetic atmosphere. Seamless transitions effortlessly transport viewers from one setting to another, mirroring the twins' fast-paced lifestyle that effortlessly balances their roles within the kitchen and the intricacies of running a successful wine & dine venture. The editing style captures the twins' bustling routines, while also exploring the art of curating culinary experiences.


To enhance the visual experience, the videos are accompanied by upbeat and catchy music that perfectly complements their dynamic journey, making for an engaging and invigorating watch.


With approximately a two-week timeline for this video, orchestrating the production had some challenges. One of the hurdles laid in planning the shots, given that the shoot transpired within one of their newly constructed restaurants. However, this presented an obstacle: the restaurant was still under construction during our location scouting. Armed with floor plans and conceptual drawings provided by Caleb and Josh, we envisioned and strategised shots based on these layouts.


Filming coincided with the restaurant's launch week, amplifying the complexity. Balancing the shoot with the restaurant's operations required strategic scheduling. To accommodate this, we prioritised non-disruptive scenes during operating hours, such as capturing quieter restaurant moments during off-peak periods and utilising outdoor or shop display areas during busier times.


Through persistent coordination and unwavering determination from all parties, we successfully navigated these challenges, resulting in a film that faithfully materialised our initial vision.

Final Result

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