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Case Study


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This video constitutes one of six segments within the I AM GENERATION MOX series, showcasing notable personalities from Hong Kong. As part of the “I AM GENERATION MOX” series, produce a concise branded video that introduces the daily routine of Dance Artist, Celebrity Choreographer, Founder of BeDREX Haruna Kunisawa. This video should seamlessly complement her upcoming interview article and the imminent masterclass she'll be conducting.

Creative Direction

Our primary aim is to present Haruna Kunisawa as the embodiment of the “The Dreamer" concept, which aligns with Mox Bank app's goal-saving feature to help accomplish your dreams. This connection will be seamlessly integrated into her daily routine. Each Gen Mox feature involves personal interviews with notable individuals to capture their essence, shaping their videos accordingly.


In our conversation with Haruna, she shared her life story, rooted in a lifelong passion for dance that spanned genres and continents. From Japan to America and eventually Hong Kong, she pursued her dreams step by step, ultimately co-founding dance studios with her husband, also a celebrity choreographer. This power couple's dynamic partnership is a testament to their unstoppable synergy.

To mirror her vibrant personality, we embraced a color palette of soft pinks and whites. The selected music adds to her cheerful demeanor, underlining her enduring optimism. Our aim was to intertwine the theme of "the dreamer" with Haruna's journey, spotlighting her determination and positive outlook.


We had an average lead time of approximately 2 weeks for each video, from initiation to release. This was crucial to align with Mox Bank's monthly release schedule for promoting the masterclasses. Despite this tight timeframe being a challenge, our collaborative efforts triumphed over it.

Another obstacle emerged due to the pandemic. Government-mandated closure of dance studios prevented us from capturing Haruna conducting her classes. Fortunately, Haruna possessed a collection of videos showcasing her dance classes, which she generously shared with us. We seamlessly integrated her user-generated content into the video's conclusion, delivering an impactful finale.

Final Result

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