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Case Study


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This video constitutes one of six segments within the I AM GENERATION MOX series, showcasing notable personalities from Hong Kong. As part of the “I AM GENERATION MOX” series, produce a concise branded video that introduces the daily routine of Hong Kong Olympic Swimmer Camille Cheng. This video should seamlessly complement her upcoming interview article and the imminent masterclass she'll be conducting.

Creative Direction

Our primary aim is to present Camille Cheng as the embodiment of the "goal achiever" concept, which aligns with Mox Bank app's goal-saving feature. This connection will be seamlessly integrated into her daily routine. Each Gen Mox feature involves personal interviews with notable individuals to capture their essence, shaping their videos accordingly.


In our conversation with Camille, she highlighted her commitment to journaling and meditation, an intriguing aspect considering her competitive athleticism. This calm strength became a central focus. We portrayed her tranquility by showcasing her amidst nature's expanse, transitioning to her intense training regimen. The chosen music echoes water's ethereal quality, emphasising her affinity with her element. She is constantly surrounded by the sea and colours such as blue and green.

In summary, our goal is to intertwine the "goal achiever" theme with Camille's story, highlighting her serene strength amid fierce competition.


We had an average lead time of approximately 2 weeks for each video, from initiation to release. This was crucial to align with Mox Bank's monthly release schedule for promoting the masterclasses. Despite this tight timeframe being a challenge, our collaborative efforts triumphed over it.

Another obstacle arose due to the pandemic. The closure of swimming pools posed difficulties in filming Camille's swimming scenes. However, she ingeniously adapted by training in the open sea during winter, an impressive dedication. This unexpected shift prompted us to capture her swimming in the sea instead. This decision led to remarkable drone shots showcasing Camille within the natural surroundings, enhancing the film's impact.

Navigating these challenges, we witnessed the astonishing sight of Camille swimming in the winter sea, which elevated the film's quality beyond our expectations.

Final Result

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