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Magic Organics
Farm Documentary

Case Study


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Produce a film that introduces Magic Organics Farm, presenting its core values and objectives.

Creative Direction

Upon delving into MOC's history through conversations with the founder's son, we learned about the extensive research and dedication that drove his father's quest to offer safe and affordable organic food to all. In this family-driven endeavor, roles were defined: the son managed marketing and business aspects, the father focused on organic science and liaising with associations and authorities, and the mother oversaw farm management. Learning about their journey—traversing China to secure the ideal land—underscored that this project wasn't just a typical corporate venture; it held a genuine narrative. Inspired by their story, our approach shifted toward crafting a documentary narrated by the son, providing insight into his perspective as he witnessed his father's unwavering commitment. This documentary allowed us to convey the family's profound dedication to their produce, fostering trust and evoking emotions among our viewers.


During the project, we encountered a range of challenges. The journey to the farm was a demanding one, involving a five-hour drive through narrow and bumpy mountain roads, though the scenic views along the way were truly captivating. Logistically, we had to divide our trip into two parts. Initially, we focused on capturing interview content on the farm's premises, and subsequently, we returned for a second trip to gather complementary B-roll footage to enrich the narrative. Navigating China's strict border control regulations presented another obstacle, particularly when transporting filming equipment. To address this, we collaborated with a cross-border transportation taxi service that facilitated the transportation process. Additionally, we secured official letters from the farm, attesting to our authorisation to film on their property, ensuring a smoother passage for our equipment and the team.

Final Result

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