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Case Study

IRIS: Your Escape





Create an aftermovie for IRIS: Your Escape - Hong Kong’s largest health and wellness festival.

Creative Direction

With a history of crafting IRIS aftermovies, our team possesses a profound understanding of the brand's essence. When first approached by the client for the first IRIS aftermovie, they expressed the desire for a storytelling introduction to immerse the audience in the aftermovie's narrative. This idea excited our team, offering a way to guide viewers into the festival's world through an opening scene. In our first ever IRIS aftermovie, we introduced a character known as the "IRIS girl." This mystical figure serves as a conduit, magically bringing our audience into the world of the festival through the aftermovie – an escape from reality.


Within this edition's aftermovie, our IRIS girl embodies a wandering solo traveler, seeking a place of belonging. Her journey intertwines with a mysterious flute player, leading her through an evolving cast of characters akin to a portal into another world. This narrative draws inspiration from "Alice in Wonderland," mirroring the white rabbit's trail as she follows the flute's enchanting melody. The pedestrian bridge, resembling Alice's transformative tunnel, serves as the threshold to IRIS, where her quest for connection finds its destination. This concept weaves a captivating tale of discovery and resonance.


The shoot presented a significant challenge as it occurred on one of the hottest days of the year, marked by cloudless skies. The intense heat posed difficulties for our crew's focus and endurance. To counter this, we strategically incorporated several breaks throughout the day to prevent heat-related issues, offering ample water and access to a shaded resting booth. These measures were essential to ensure the team's well-being and the successful completion of the shoot under these hot conditions.

Final Result

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