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IRIS: Your Escape


Case Study



Create an aftermovie for IRIS: Your Escape - Hong Kong’s largest health and wellness festival.

Creative Direction

With a history of crafting IRIS aftermovies, our team possesses a profound understanding of the brand's essence. When first approached by the client for the first IRIS aftermovie, they expressed the desire for a storytelling introduction to immerse the audience in the aftermovie's narrative. This idea excited our team, offering a way to guide viewers into the festival's world through an opening scene. In our first ever IRIS aftermovie, we introduced a character known as the "IRIS girl." This mystical figure serves as a conduit, magically bringing our audience into the world of the festival through the aftermovie – an escape from reality.


In this edition’s aftermovie, we harnessed the power of an hourglass as our enchanting element. Positioned at a strategic location, this hourglass, when activated, defies convention by causing the sand to ascend. As this enchanting spectacle unfolds, our IRIS girl opens the gateway to the festival. The ascending sand symbolises entry into a parallel universe, where the festival stands as a haven of joy, security, and serenity for attendees. The hourglass itself serves as a poignant reminder that this festival portal exists within a fleeting moment in time.


IRIS's brand identity often radiates a vibrant and sunny atmosphere, synonymous with a healthy and joyful space cherished by wellness enthusiasts. However, during this particular IRIS event, the skies were overcast and somber, hinting at impending storm clouds for the days ahead. Despite the fortunate absence of rain, the footage captured on that grey day deviated from the customary bright aesthetics associated with IRIS branding.


Recognising the integral role of enchantment in all IRIS videos, we embarked on a creative path to infuse the magic back into the visuals. Utilising the concept of magic as our guide, we opted to enhance the footage during post-production. By digitally incorporating sun rays and a gentle dusting of magic, we succeeded in crafting a captivating and otherworldly atmosphere. Through the interplay of contrasting clouds, the emergence of the "sun," and the enchanting cascade of magic dust, we transformed the scene into a mesmerising tribute to IRIS's signature style.

Final Result

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