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Case Study

IRIS: Your Escape




Create an aftermovie for IRIS: Your Escape - Hong Kong’s largest health and wellness festival.

Creative Direction

Having a history of crafting IRIS aftermovies, our team deeply grasps the brand's essence. Initially approached by the client for the first aftermovie, they sought a storytelling introduction to immerse the audience. This excited us, providing a pathway to guide viewers into the festival's world through an opening scene. In our inaugural IRIS aftermovie, we introduced the "IRIS girl," a mystical conduit to transport our audience into the festival's realm – an escape from reality.


This year's aftermovie featured an enchanting centerpiece: a kaleidoscope glass as the key to unlock the festival's gateway. Shaped meticulously to echo the IRIS logo's contours, it mirrors the captivating form of an iris. We enticed curiosity by inviting our IRIS girl to peek through the glass, revealing glimpses of the concealed event. The glass's symbolism as an iris evokes the soul's window, poetically encapsulating its role as the gateway to the event's essence, inviting viewers on an enchanting journey into the festival's heart and soul.


One challenge we faced was the uncertainty surrounding the festival grounds' appearance on the actual day. To address this, we embarked on a preliminary storyboard and planned our shots based on the opening story, even though we hadn't yet seen the festival setup. To tackle another obstacle, we needed to identify a location within the festival grounds that appeared devoid of festival elements, in line with the narrative's requirement for a dull environment before discovering the gateway into IRIS. Despite these challenges, we managed to successfully execute the opening sequence through some on-the-day storyboarding, spontaneous thinking and improvisation.

Final Result

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