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Signs of Light

Case Study

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Produce the short dance and music video "Signs of Light" to showcase young individuals sharing their passions and dreams. Collaborate with a deaf teacher from SLCO Community Resources, enabling HKYAF youth dancers to grasp sign language and learn from the deaf community's experiences. With choreographer Malvina Tam from Fellow Dancers incorporating sign language into their dance routines interpreting the song "She Remembers, He Forgets" (哪一天我們會飛), performed by HKYAF youth singers guided by music coach Ivy Hung. This video aims to inspire people of all ages, languages, and abilities to pursue their aspirations, emphasising that passion transcends words and is a universal language.

Creative Direction

Working closely with the provided brief from HKYAF and the choreography crafted by Malvina Tam, we centred our collaboration around her dance routines, as the inherent meaning was already profound. The theme of the dance and its incorporation of sign language, aligned with the song's lyrics, revolved around the daunting transition into adulthood, marked by letting go of childhood innocence. It is essentially a “coming of age” dance. This period is often unsettling for youth, but the concept aimed to depict a journey of support and growth, propelling the protagonist towards self-worth and achievement in the next phase of life.

To visualise this concept, our strategy was to place the main dancer in an isolated infinite dark space, capturing the essence of her emotions. Beginning in black and white, the scene transforms as another dancer emerges from the darkness, offering a hand of connection. This gesture marks the introduction of colour, symbolising newfound hope. The choreography portrays the main dancer's struggle and eventual assistance from others, symbolising the ups and downs inherent in every journey. As the dance unfolds, our fellow dancers aid her in breaking free from the shadowy confines, leading her into an ethereal realm that represents her inner light.


Amidst the backdrop of Hong Kong's COVID-19 restrictions and the necessary precautions when working with minors, a remarkable achievement emerged. Our team faced numerous obstacles, from learning sign language and the entire dance routine remotely over Zoom to filming the performers in pairs due to social distancing measures. On top of all that, we had to create the illusion of an infinite space using a small studio. But despite it all, we came together to overcome these challenges and create something truly meaningful.

Final Result

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