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3Hs Ad Series


Case Study

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Develop 10 narrative commercial shorts as part of HKU's family project in the public health sector. These shorts will spotlight zero-time exercises while concurrently promoting the 3Hs—Happiness, Health, Harmony. These engaging shorts are slated for display across various social media platforms, as well as select digital billboards on buildings and the MTR stations (The Hong Kong Metro system).

Creative Direction

Scene 852 takes a lighthearted approach to the series, infusing it with quirky comedic elements for a distinct and memorable impact. This direction sets our content apart from typical educational videos. Given the focus on the 3Hs, we've chosen to base the series on two fictional families. The scenarios these families encounter demonstrate how effortlessly these exercises can be incorporated into daily life. To foster relatability, we've intentionally crafted imperfect yet relatable family dynamics—championing the notion that there's no such thing as a "Super Family."


This genuine portrayal allows viewers to find humour and charm in relatable "frustrating" family situations, enhancing their recognition of the 3Hs. The essence of unconditional love amid these quirks adds depth and authenticity to our characters. In some episodes, individual family members may star in settings outside the family unit (e.g., school, work, etc.), while maintaining the same familial cast, occasionally featuring guest celebrities in cameo appearances.


While our videos sport a fictional and stylised veneer, they exude a sense of realism that resonates with the average viewer, enhancing their shareability across social media platforms.


To amplify the series' light-hearted tone, we opted for a vibrant colour palette. Our guidance to the art director revolved around mood boards showcasing lively patterns and colour schemes. Our actors received direction to deliver more extravagant performances, accentuating the animated quality of the narrative.


A significant challenge we faced during this project was the tight timeframe of just 2 months to produce 10 narrative commercials, spanning from development to launch. Ensuring that these videos met broadcast standards for platforms like digital billboards added to the complexity. Through collaborative efforts within a larger team, we dedicated ourselves and successfully wrapped up the project within the intensive two-month period.

Final Result

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