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Emmanuel Diaz
DJ Live Set

Case Study

Client: GetMixEdit


Capture a one-hour live DJ set mixed by Emmanuel Diaz, set against the backdrop of the Hong Kong skyline as sun sets.

Creative Direction

In this project, our client's clear direction guided our creative process, aligning our efforts with their vision. This clarity allowed us to meticulously plan camera setups, focusing on cinematography and timing. Our creative approach aimed to harmonise the allure of the Hong Kong skyline with the musical composition, creating an ethereal ambiance. The video not only offers a captivating DJ mix but also invites viewers to immerse themselves in the hypnotic blend of music and the city's vistas. Capturing Emmanuel's DJing from various angles, we seamlessly integrated shots of the Hong Kong skyline and captivating drone footage. With a fantastic rooftop location provided by our client, the video captures the essence of the city as twilight descends, evoking an almost Batman-esque atmosphere. The filming experience was nothing short of magical, perfectly complemented by the enchanting music.


Our main challenge was adapting our footage to the changing light from daylight to nightfall. To maintain consistent exposure, we used minimal aperture adjustments and set up Aputure MC lights around Emmanuel, providing both visibility and an intriguing lighting ambiance in navy blue, purple, and white. Coordinating three cameras and a drone during the hour-long DJ set was another thing to take in consideration, requiring seamless transitions between angles. Our operators collaborated to ensure continuous filming, even during adjustments. In the end, the final result exceeded expectations, impressing our client and capturing Emmanuel's performance beautifully.

Final Result

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