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Case Study

District HK

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Create an aftermovie for the District Race in Hong Kong.

Creative Direction

We aimed to create an aftermovie that would give the event its own identity, while maintaining the glitchy/technology look and feel of the previous District Brand videos. Our goal was to produce an aftermovie that stood out from other race event videos by incorporating these distinctive visual elements.


To align with the prevailing millennial culture heavily influenced by technology, social media, and smartphones, we decided to infuse intimacy and authenticity by integrating "iphone shots" and "snapchat" screenshots into the aftermovie. This approach allowed us to provide viewers with a personal and relatable experience, enabling them to feel connected to the event even if they were not physically present.


We strategically combined smartphone captures with high-definition cinematic footage to convey both the event's larger scale and an intimate sense of participation. Moreover, this approach elegantly addressed the challenge of showcasing the AR (augmented reality) element, which is an integral part of the District Race's technology-driven nature.


The District Race is an unconventional event, more of a treasure hunt-style race reminiscent of "The Amazing Race," where participants navigate the city freely to complete challenges and collect points within a 2-hour timeframe. While this format adds excitement for participants, it presents challenges for the film crew. The unpredictable nature of participant locations in the city required strategic coordination with our client. Working closely, we anticipated high-traffic areas, challenges, and tasks, considering factors such as distance between points.


Ensuring comprehensive coverage, we stationed a crew at the start line and event base, guaranteeing essential footage. Our crew strategically dispersed across the city with planned movements and an open WhatsApp channel for communication.


To safeguard our footage, we hired a talent to participate in the race and capture backup shots if needed. Moreover, our client helped us gather user-generated content from the District community for dynamic intercutting in the aftermovie. Fortunately, our planning paid off, resulting in an aftermovie that exceeded our expectations.

Final Result

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