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District: We are 
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Case Study

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Create a commercial film for District that serves as an introduction to the concept of District and attract viewers to participate in the upcoming District Races.

District Race is unique team challenge event. 
Using the District App you will compete against hundreds of other teams to collect checkpoints and complete challenges around your city. Racing against the clock, the team with the most points wins.

Creative Direction

Our main concept was to showcase a vibrant movement and revolution, capturing the fast-paced excitement of a novel event. The video featured a dynamic montage of diverse urban participants navigating the urban maze, embodying the city's energy as the main character of the video.

Focused on daytime urban themes, our aim was to create an engaging, action-filled video with a punchy, bold, and vibrant feel. Strategic location choices brought stylised streets, vibrant billboards, and hidden city gems into focus, enhancing the video's sense of exploration and energy. Given the critical role of the two-hour timer in the race, maintaining a constant reminder of time ticking and the underlying sense of urgency was deemed highly significant in the commercial.


To enrich the visuals, sound mixing played a vital role. The selected music had a punchy, edgy, street-style quality, aligning with the energetic tone and motivating viewers to be part of this dynamic movement.


With the city as our central character, capturing its essence demanded a larger ensemble of cast. Pairing talents to reflect varied racing styles, mirroring the District Race approaches, was crucial. Prominent landmarks were a must for exploration in the app. We filmed casts across unique Hong Kong locations, benefiting from the city's compact size. Meticulous planning allowed each cast member a 4-hour window, gathering footage over three days. The tight schedule gave us a taste of our own race, meeting locations and shots like game checkpoints and challenges!

Final Result

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