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Case Study

Defy: Operatives
Ep 2 Trailer



In addition to producing Episode 2 of the web series for DEFY, create a trailer that not only generates excitement among game players to watch Episode 2 but also encourages them to complete the in-game storyline. The game trailer should initiate a sequence of interactive actions that seamlessly intertwine the film episode with the game.

Creative Direction

Commencing with the impactful closing shot of episode 1—a view of London's skyline—we seamlessly extend the narrative thread by opening the trailer with the same shot. Our trailer's foremost purpose is to introduce Future Systems, the formidable antagonist, grappling with the aftermath of DEFY players' in-game “hacks” that was triggered by the mission launched through episode 1’s easter eggs.

While our central goal remains to kindle excitement for Episode 2 and the upcoming in-game mission, we also aim to gratify players' curiosity by showcasing the antagonist's reaction. At the trailer's midway point, we unveil the enigmatic Vince Hunter, the game’s main villain, intensifying anticipation for the next episode.


As the trailer unfolds, it becomes evident that our finale must firmly set the stage for Episode 2—underscoring Future Systems' resolute fightback.


One of the main challenges with trailers is to create enough anticipation without giving away too much of the storyline. In our case, we believed that the introduction of the compelling characters our viewers are about to meet along with a slight teaser of Vince Hunter’s voice and the launch of a potential plan would be enough to keep our players interested yet curious on what’s to come.

Final Result

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