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To Create.
To Imagine.
To Inspire.


Founded in Hong Kong in 2015, SCENE 852 has evolved into a dynamic commercial and film production house now based in London. In 2022, we brought our creative hub to the UK, expanding our reach and impact. Our global outlook reflects our commitment to weaving together diverse narratives, people, and creativity on an international canvas. We take pride in uniting creatives from various backgrounds to craft content that resonates with a broad spectrum of audiences. As an independent production house, our mission is to create, to imagine and to inspire.

At the heart of our philosophy lies the belief that stories possess the extraordinary power to connect humanity. From collaborating with international giants to crafting compelling commercials, branded content, documentaries, event films, digital pieces, corporate showcases, web series, and narrative shorts — we've always aimed to “explore the power of stories”.

Driven by the passion to explore the vast potential of stories, we are committed to producing exceptional content for both our clients and the global audience. Our journey continues, fuelled by the vision of leveraging the potency of storytelling to create a world united by imagination and inspiration.

Let's create.


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James Ha - Producer

James Ha is a producer with mixed English and Hong Kong heritage based in London. As a producer, James ensures efficient management, organisation, and communication throughout production, ensuring a seamless experience for both creatives and clients. With extensive experience orchestrating shoots in different countries, he has directly witnessed the dynamic creative energy that emerges from collaborations among filmmakers and clients from varied backgrounds. Inspired by these encounters, he champions the creation of sets that attract a diverse crew, fostering optimal creative results that can create films that represent a broader range of audience.


Alison Thomas - Director

Alison Thomas, a female director from the fusion of British and Hong Kong heritage, finds her base in London. Following the attainment of a first-class honours degree in Film Production from Bournemouth University, Alison began her career in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, renowned for its cinematic settings. Guided by an enduring passion for storytelling and a deep commitment to her craft, Alison has had the privilege of directing a variety of films, commercials and branded content across Asia, collaborating with notable brands along the way. In 2022, Alison returned to London. Using influences from both the East and West, Alison strives to weave compelling narratives with visuals that speak the universal language of storytelling.

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