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Sponsors Highlight

Case Study




Produce a video that showcases the various sponsors' significant contributions and engaging activations during the Clockenflap Festival.

Creative Direction

Capturing the essence of Clockenflap's branding was pivotal, but equally crucial was accurately portraying each sponsor's presence in our footage. Our approach involved integrating the vibrant and lively festival atmosphere with each brand's unique identity. Demonstrating the mutual benefits of cross-collaboration and how it elevates both brands' value was a key objective, ensuring participants fully engaged with the activations.


To achieve this, we interacted with energetic participants whose vibe resonated with Clockenflap's ethos, enlisting them to model for our shots. This proven strategy consistently yields outstanding shots within the festival setting. Additionally, we collaborated closely with each brand's representatives, featuring them as the face of their respective activations, effectively showcasing their contributions to the festival's added value.


Set to the backdrop of Fouls' captivating soundtrack (one of Clockenflap's featured acts that year), we successfully captured the highlights of the activations, producing compelling footage that encapsulates the essence of Clockenflap.


While our enthusiasm for filming at Clockenflap was undeniable, we encountered a challenge in the form of heavy rain that persisted over the course of the three days, occasionally interspersed with moments of sunshine. The weather remained remarkably unpredictable. In response, we came prepared with rainproof jackets and adapted swiftly to capture opportunities when the sun made its appearance, resulting in footage adorned with vivid blue skies. During the rainy spells, we shifted our focus to indoor activations or strategically chose to film at night, when the overcast conditions were less evident. To infuse visual interest into our shots, we creatively employed the reflective puddles on the ground, transforming them into intriguing elements within the frame. This adaptive approach allowed us to craft engaging visuals despite the weather challenges.

Final Result

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