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Case Study

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Craft a scene for the SCENE 852 Stories launch that seamlessly aligns with the essence of the "BECOME" series. This scene should underscore how films and stories possess the power to transcend reality, enabling individuals to immerse themselves and transform into something entirely new - the essence of “Becoming” something else.

Creative Direction

We aimed to explore the concept of a lost youth romance between star-crossed lovers. In this scene, our intention was to create a dream-like atmosphere brimming with innocence and naivety, portraying the connection between two young lovers destined to exist only within this time capsule of a lifetime. However, as time progresses, their paths will inevitably diverge. Our goal was to evoke a bittersweet emotion in our audience and provide them with a sense of nostalgia that enables them to travel back to a more innocent and romanticised era of their lives—a time when they first encountered their initial love.


As this series was self-funded, our crew was relatively small, and we had a strict 4-hour filming window for this scene. Consequently, we meticulously curated our shots to include only the essentials, ensuring they could all be accomplished within the allocated time. Through collaborative efforts between the cast and crew, we successfully captured all the necessary shots for this scene.

Final Result

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