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Case Study

adidas x District

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Create a commercial announcing the collaboration between District and adidas featuring the 5 adidas ambassadors - Iman Fandi, Joakim Gomez, Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly), Audrey Goh (@Sparrowonweed) and Calvin Kan.

Creative Direction

In a groundbreaking partnership between a global street-style sports brand and tech-driven racing concept, we've created an electrifying video that merges these identities. Through glitch effects and layered clips, we've crafted a dynamic collage set to electronic trap music, bridging both brands seamlessly.

Adidas ambassadors embark on individual journeys, conquering District challenges that unite them in the end—symbolising both solo races and team spirit. Shot amidst Singapore's architectural wonders, the video incorporates these structures as intricate patterns, amplifying the modern, high-tech vibe that resonates with adidas' style. The navy sportswear, including the new ultra boost line, showcases performance and innovation.

This collaboration epitomises the fusion of street fashion and tech innovation, celebrating athletic prowess, challenge, and unity in a visually captivating manner.


Amidst the emerging partnership of these two brands, urgency drove us to swiftly craft a video announcement for the impending collaboration, timed closely with the approaching District event. Releasing the commercial and campaign at least 2 months prior was essential to build anticipation.


Despite the challenge of an overseas shoot and limited time, we navigated through Google Maps, Instagram and digital resources to scout locations, creating storyboards and a shot list within 2 weeks. Collaborating closely with our clients in Singapore, we refined our choices and sought their input. Armed with our schedules and detailed shot list, we journeyed to Singapore, where the successful shoot surpassed expectations.

Final Result

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