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A Christmas

Case Study


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At Scene 852, we aim to produce at least one self-funded film a year as part of our goal to make more narrative films under the SCENE 852 STORIES department. The brief we gave ourselves was to create a short Christmas film to launch on Christmas day to brighten the Christmas spirit.

Creative Direction

Given the constraints of a limited budget, we strategically crafted a storyline centered around a single location and two main cast members. This approach fueled our creativity, pushing us to devise a heartwarming yet uncomplicated narrative. The theme we settled on was rooted in the act of giving, a concept that perfectly aligned with both our creative boundaries and thematic aspirations.

Starting with this theme as our compass, we trusted that by pinpointing the right location and casting talented individuals, the film's essence would naturally emerge. Our quest for the ideal backdrop led us to MidWest, an enchanting vintage shop oozing warmth and coziness—a canvas for our imaginations to flourish.

To infuse an air of wonder, we chose to tell the story through the eyes of a child, allowing us to weave in elements of magic. This imaginative perspective opened doors to fresh ideas, eventually leading us to the concept of a hardworking single father who, in the throes of daily life, has overlooked the spirit of Christmas. This oversight prompts his determined child to embark on a Christmas Eve quest for a tree, setting the stage for a poignant narrative arc.

To elevate the film's impact, we opted for a richer, more expansive musical score. This choice served as a backdrop to our young protagonist's inquisitiveness, enhancing the enchantment that would captivate audiences and transport them into a world of magic.


Two weeks before Christmas, we embarked on a festive film endeavor. Our tight schedule demanded quick story creation, casting, location scouting, and storyboarding. Undeterred, our enthusiasm propelled us, and we wrapped up the editing just in time for a Christmas Day release. Central to the film's essence was a child's viewpoint, and discovering the ideal young talent was paramount.


Alexa Hagisa (9 at the time) emerged as a perfect match, impressing us during auditions and contributing creatively on set. Amidst a captivating location, our small, dedicated crew filmed late into the night, resulting in a truly magical experience for all involved.

Final Result

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