Films made for government & charity organisations
賽馬會「愛 + 人」計劃 / The Hong Kong Jockey Club, HKU - FAMILY Project


The Hong Kong Jockey Club in collaboration with HKU aims to promote the 3H's (Happiness, Health & Harmony) in family life. With the total series of 10 short 1 minute micro-films, the aim of this project is to show and encourage families to incorporate zero-time exercise in their everyday lives. Here are three selected episodes from the series.

November 2017

Produced in Hong Kong

SENPHA 心福慈善基金: 點解佢地咁傷心?
(Why are they so sad?)

SENPHA is a charity that is committed to serve the community for better psychological advancement. 

Featuring: 余安安、徐淑敏、薛凱琪、江美儀、廖碧兒、宣萱、陳奐仁 及 杜小喬 

June 2016

Produced in Hong Kong

SWD + HKU「動. 感福星」

A program created by the University of Hong Kong and Social Welfare Deparment to help improve and create a healthier lifestyle for Hong Kong citizens.

February 2016

Produced in Hong Kong


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